Bridal Jewelry's Timeless Beauty

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Although the most important piece of jewelry in a wedding is no doubt on your finger, it can be difficult to find the perfect pieces that complete your look. Will you go with a head piece or a sash? A little or a lot of sparkle? What about adorning your entourage?

Finding the perfect jewels may not be as difficult as that elusive wedding gown of your dreams, but you may locate a stunning necklace and then have difficulty finding complimentary pieces. Adding to your to-do list, your unsure about your bridesmaids gifts and whether they say thank you in just the right way.

All of this can be solved with the help of  The Emerald Scarab. We ensure that no matter your role in the festivities, you will shine a little brighter with our help.

Different options of wedding gown colors

Begin the jewelry search with matching your wedding dress’ shade of white to the right metal. If your gown is white, stick with pearl and platinum. If your gown is barely off-white, choose gold, or rose gold, and silver. And, if if your dress is ivory, adorn yourself with gold jewelry to highlight the yellow undertones in this soft hue. We take dress tones into consideration for all jewelry gifts as well!

Diamond drop earrings

Now that we found your perfect coloring, have you thought about the perfect earrings? If your dress makes a big statement or it’s one shouldered, a beautiful pair of earrings will best complete your look.

Diamond stud earrings

Drop Earrings

If you are going strapless, or have thin straps, make a statement with your necklace. Just make sure be conscientious of your décolletage. Fitting your jewels to your neckline can add character to your gown, or highlight a specific feature. And, nothing shouts timeless beauty better than pearls. Want to be bolder? We give you our full support!

Pearl neckalce

Pearl and Diamond necklace

There are beautiful hair piece options if you want to try something in lieu of the traditional veil. Adorned hair is beautiful on its own, but bridal headpieces have the power to pull your entire look together.

wedding hair piece with jewels

Headband with jewels

Aside from creating a unified theme, give your bridesmaids gifts they can treasure for life. You are choosing your closest friends so gifts should not only express appreciation, but enrich friendship ties. Whether an ornamental piece to match a simple dress or a monogrammed bracelet, the gift is more meaningful when the pieces coordinate with each bridesmaid’s style and personality.

bridesmaid jewelry, jewelry, earrings

Pearl earrings

We love a good mother-of-the-bride moment and what better way to give it to her than with the perfect jewelry gift. And don’t forget to include your lucky man’s mother! Showing both women how much they are honored and cherished at such a special time is a must.

Mother of the bride

Our favorite piece of jewelry in a wedding, besides that gorgeous ring, is heirloom jewelry. There is something romantic about a timeless piece being passed down from bride to bride, gracing each bride’s beauty in a different way.

Having unique wedding jewelry is a way for a bride to express her individuality and to make the memories of her big day last a lifetime. Since jewelry is a tangible and timeless way of remembering your special day and connecting with the ones you love, make sure you do it right!

For more information contact info@emeral, if you like what you see let us know!


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