Dressing Jessica Pare of Mad Men for the Emmy Red Carpet!

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Yep that’s Jessica Paré (aka Megan Calvet) sandwiched between Jon Hamm (aka the show’s star, Don Draper), and John Slatterly (aka Roger Sterling)

Here are Jessica and Jon looking like they’re about to have a smooching scene… She’s living out the dream of about half the female population of the world, and she gets paid to do it – Lucky!

I had the great pleasure of dressing Jessica for her first Emmy red carpet : )  I thought it would be fun to share a behind-the-scenes peek of how these things really come together, so check out the video and images below…

Attempt numero uno:

We actually only tried on about four dresses, and these are the two that were heavily considered – What do you think, which one do you like?

We thought the dress on the left, although ethereal and beautiful, it was a little too similar color and cut wise to what we were expecting to see on a lot of the ladies for the Emmys, and since standing out is paramount, this dress got the ax.  The striped dress on the right fit like a glove, was a little edgy, and had a stand out pattern – seeing it on her in person, it was gorgeous!  We have a contender, ding, ding!

What’s next? Jewelry…

We picked out some beautiful pave diamond earrings, and a very unique moonstone ring (Jess fell in love with the ring on first sight and contemplated making it part of her personal collection!)  We’re all set, the outfit is complete!

The next morning word came down that, although the dress was lovely, we needed something with more star power, more glam… So, on to…

Attempt numero dos:

Again, it came down to two dresses.  The purple one fit so perfectly it seemed as though it was made for her, and it was quite beautiful and classy.  Jess was comfortable in it and she looked fab.  But then, when she put this sequin and feather number on, it was all over, this dress had voluptuous movie star written all over it  – and most importantly it had the WOW factor.  Everyone at the fitting was in love with this dress.

Yay!!!  We have a winner!

We picked up these to die for diamond earrings that went perfectly with the dress, and of course the moonstone ring!  The outfit is complete!

This is Jess and I, just before she ran out the door to hit the red carpet.  She looked so beautiful : )


Jessica rocked the red carpet, Mad Men won their 4th consecutive Emmy for “Best Drama”.  All in all, it was a good night!  See her above with all of her female co-stars from the show.  You’ll likely recognize Christina Hendricks (aka Joan Holloway) and Elisabeth Moss (aka Peggy Olson) in the middle of the photo.

Check out Jess on the far right of the stage.  The whole cast was thrilled to jointly accept their Emmy!  See some clips of Jessica, as Megan Calvet on Mad Men here.



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