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My client, Vivienne Westwood, invited me to Paris to attend her Fashion Show and then meet with her regarding her new retail space here in Los Angeles, which we designed. Wanting to look my best, I immediately called Kallah for help. She met me (and my husband, who was also attending) at my home and personally went through my closet and selected pieces to work with. She then tracked down Ms. Westwood’s men’s line (which is not sold here in the U.S.) and selected the perfect compliment to those pieces. When they arrived they fit perfectly and we looked fabulous. The fashion show in Paris went great and we got many complements, which we owe all to Kallah! For anyone wanting to look and feel stylish and at the top of their game, Kallah is the one to call!

Dean, 45, Architect

I walked away from my experience with Kallah in satisfaction, awe, excitement and best of all, in utter amusement at myself for having underestimated what a simple shopping trip could bring: the most productive, efficient and well-spent four hours worth of fun, high-energy, eye-opening adventure. The best part? She is thoroughly a wonderful being- passionate, thorough, meticulous, and talented- she has the ability to bring out your very best; pulling out pieces you’d never thought of but are simply jaw dropping! If I could sum up the tangible benefits, I would have say that the experience has more than paid for itself with the quality, unique pieces that she was able to procure. We walked in with all the preselected clothes that she had handpicked and went to town! I’m now thoroughly convinced that there is no better way to shop than to go through Kallah. This really is an experience of a lifetime… I can no longer imagine wasting valuable time, going through stores, plowing through racks of clothes only to find that I’d wear it once or twice. Kallah is truly an asset. I’m so happy to have found her!

Tiffany, 29, Business Development at HP

Dear Kallah, thank you for teaching me how to dress in a way that is not only relevant but makes me feel better about myself at the same time. since meeting you i’ve actually put an effort into what i wear everyday and it feels great! thank you! xo, jenika

Jenika, 31, Interior Designer

I was really excited about having Kallah come and audit my closet, but I could have never guessed what an amazing experience it would turn out to be. At the end of the audit, I had 14 bags of clothes and shoes to donate and it felt really liberating. I was excited about going shopping with her, but a bit anxious about whether or not she would understand what was appropriate for my life. I am a stay at home mother of two toddlers, and over the last four years, I’ve lost myself a bit. I feel like Kallah has not only helped me reclaim myself, but she’s enabled me to be the me I’ve wanted to be. For the first time, I feel put together, and stylish, but in a really effortless way. I don’t feel like I’ve become too high maintenance or that I can’t be the Mommy I want to be. She was able to capture the simple casual, yet interesting style that I really was searching for. No more tired, sloppy Mommy! I can get ready in a snap, be out the door and look fabulous. I would have never accomplished this on my own and I was amazed by how well Kallah was able to hear and see what I needed and provide that. And yet, she still was able to challenge me and she showed me pieces that I would never have otherwise tried. She was funny and yet still sensitive to how daunting this process can be. I feel like I can now take care of myself and my children while being a good example for them. She’s helped me find balance. It was so much more than just shopping.

Liz, 44, Mom

Completely fun! Kallah made ‘starting over’ a beautiful experience. We raided my closet and only kept the creme de la creme. While sipping tea and enjoying the yummiest treat from Figaro Bistro, we discussed my fantasy wardrobe: colors, styles, what kind of clothing makes me feel good, sexy, confident, beautiful! We set a date for shopping and met the next week. Wow! Kallah had previewed pieces all over Los Angeles … I tried things on and together we ooo’d and aaaah’d as I chose the pieces that fit my fantasy. I needed a lot of basics and Kallah found amazing pieces that somehow went together like magic. My time with Kallah was the most incredible birthday gift! Her fashion sense (and connections) and her sensitivity to my needs made shopping a breeze! Thank you, Kallah! (see you soon!)

Kittie, 60, Artist

Kallah is such a gift to busy women (and men!) who want to feel good about themselves and their image. She helped me weed through my closet that was cluttered with items from the 90s, bad colors and shapes that did not flatter me. Then thoughtfully prepared a day of shopping for me that ended with a new and improved wardrobe that fit my shape, and my lifestyle. Best of all, I made a new friend!

Liz, 46, Business Consultant

Kallah helped me take charge of my wardrobe, and feel great in what I was wearing. I’m a female, in a male driven profession and really need to wear outfits that showed that I smart, successful, and savvy. Kallah really made sure I purchased key components to enhance my wardrobe that were still in my budget. I loved everything! I had so much fun shopping with Kallah, I can’t wait to go again!

Nellie, 27, Producer

I can honestly say that working with Kallah is a transformative experience. I was nervous at first … Within a few brief minutes I completely felt at ease and knew I could trust her implicitly. It is evident that Kallah always has her client’s highest interest in mind. She really stirred up a desire for me to represent myself in a more professional way. I couldn’t believe how much we achieved in such a short time. Kallah respected my needs and goals and I felt the experience was really tailored just to me. Before when I went to get dressed, I would have anxiety and depression because I didn’t know what looked good and many items didn’t even fit anymore. After Kallah’s help, I can see clearly now the options I have available to me and know with confidence that I am putting my best foot forward. Please do yourself an immense favor and work with Kallah – you have no idea how amazing it will be!”

Christy, 31, Professional Organizer

I asked Kallah to help me get an outfit for a reunion. I find shopping to be stressful and time consuming especially when I am shopping for a particular event. All of that was eliminated with Kallah’s professional expertise. I loved the special treatment during the hours we shopped together and was thrilled with the results. I look forward to having Kallah help me with my next event.

Sarah, 46, Sustainable Landscape Designer

Kallah made the shopping process a joy instead of a dreaded task as everything was set aside especially for me at the stores, I felt so pampered!”

Allison, 32, Educator

Since working with Kallah, I have received numerous compliments on how stunning I look. If you need a stylist or a ‘chic shopper’, I highly recommend Kallah Maguire!

Nina, 43, Beauty and Health Expert

If you like to dress for success, but haven’t a clue how to do so, hire Kallah… she’s transformed me into someone who gets compliments on their threads and appears to know his way around a boutique!

Rafe, 40, Entrepreneur

Kallah Maguire has been a wonderful help to me as my personal wardrobe stylist since 2002. She is able to quickly identify the needs, general desires, and budget of the client (me!) and then works patiently and cooperatively to determine what you would like to update in your wardrobe, suggestions for new looks, and with consideration of professional, cultural, and personal requirements. She is extremely informed about modern trends, classic looks, as well as off-beat, cutting edge fashion. On top of all this, she is also a great person, friendly and enthusiastic every day. I always look forward to working with Kallah!

Gabriel, 31, Environmental Planner

We hired Kallah to be the wardrobe stylist for me and another Frag Doll for the AIAS awards. We were to be presenting an award on stage in addition to walking the red carpet so we needed appropriate attire that would look great on stage and in a game industry social environment. We also were looking to meet a black-and-pink theme to tie the two of us together visually without making us look like we were twins or in uniform. Kallah researched our brand and target audience to fully understand our brand image objectives, and she also carefully considered our personal styles, tastes and individual features to select wardrobe items that we would look and feel fabulous in while meeting all of the nuanced requirements as well. On top of exceeding all of our expectations for how we looked at the event, Kallah was fun to work with, soothed any of our fears and worries, and helped boost our confidence about approaching our first awards show. We will DEFINITELY hire Kallah again.

Morgan, 29, Community Manager and Captain of the Frag Dolls at Ubisoft