September: Fashion Month Beauty Hacks with Hum Nutrition, Eliminate Fine Lines and Wrinkles a Joan Rivers Tribute!

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Joan rivers, glam, head shot

Here at the Emerald Scarab we are HUGE Joan Rivers fans, and it hit us all hard when we heard of her passing today.  We wanted to do a post in her honor, and today we had an article slated to address fine lines and wrinkles.  Per usual the comedy legend had perfect timing, and we rewrote our article to honor and include her.

4 essential tips for healthy skin

  1. Feed your skin:

    We all know that Joan was a fan of plastic surgery, but if you’re looking for something more subtle and holistic Hum Nutrition has a great supplement aptly named Smooth Operator.  We’re fans because it helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles by supplying your body with the extra collagen that it needs to keep your skin looking and feeling taught and fresh.

  2. Protect your skin:

    Joan was a fan of wide brimmed hats, and she was on the right track!  The Melanin Sunscreen from Mariana Chichet which comes in both Oil Free, or Dry Skin formulas is hard to beat when it comes to sun protection. This husband and wife team creates everything in their own lab, and have A-List celebrity clients such as Nichole Kidman, Rachel McAdams, and Matthew McConaughey to boot!

  3. Moisturize your skin:

    Joan was a huge fan of makeup and we imagine that moisturizer was part of her regular routine. Valerie Goulding of Vital Living Ayurveda supplies our favorite moisturize of all time… Abhyanga Oil!  You can add it to your bath, use it in the same fashion as you would lotion, and it’s mild enough to put on your face without causing blockages.  And yes, she ships!

  4. Hydrate your skin:

    We don’t know what Joan’s drinking habits were, but we imagine her with a cocktail (and a fabulous boa) rather than a bottle of water!  We’ve all heard it a million times, but that’s because it’s the truth.  Drinking water is good for our bodies in myriad of ways, and eight glasses a day will help to keep your skin happy, healthy, hydrated, and looking it’s best.  If you’re having issues with redness, dermatologist Andrea Cambio recommends subbing your morning coffee for iced green tea. Who knew?!

Now that you’ve done your homework on how to keep your skin happy and healthy, you can enjoy our tribute to some of Joan’s style and accomplishments through the years.  We hope you enjoy looking back over a bit of of history lived full throttle by the groundbreaking pioneer herself, the comedic genius Joan Rivers.

joan rivers, young, hollywood icon, comedy legend, fashion police, fashion, style, front row, fashion show

Nobody puts Joan in the corner, front row seats only for Joan Rivers (and yes that is Martha Stuart sitting next to her)!

joan rivers, young, hollywood icon, comedy legend, kelly osbourne, fashion police

Both known for being outspoken,and passionate about fashion, Kelly Osbourne and Joan were fast friends as co-hosts of the hit show Fashion Police.

joan rivers, young, hollywood icon, comedy legend, 80's

Joan rocking a full on posh 80’s ensemble, complete with her beloved dog Spike.  The earrings – Love!!

joan rivers, young, hollywood icon, comedy legend, 1965

There is something so fresh, open, and vulnerable about these portraits of Joan.
The icon herself was also once “Just a Girl”.

joan rivers portrait, young, black and white

joan rivers, young, hollywood icon, comedy legend

Joan in full on business mode at a writers meeting, we love how Old Hollywood Glam her look is.

Joan Rivers Pee Wee Herman Tonight Show Interview

Joan always knew how to turn on the charm when interviewing people!
Pee Wee Herman was not only a guest on the Joan Rivers Show, but also a guest host.

Joan rivers, glam, head shot, boa

The unofficial queen of boas, you can find pictures of her wearing one at any stage of her life.
Born a diva, always a diva!

Joan rivers, glam, head shot, 80's
The original Glamour Shot!

Joan Rivers, Elton John, Cher, Pee Wee Herman, tonight show

Through her career Joan interviewed just about every big celebrity there was.
Pictured here with Elton John, Cher, and Pee Wee Herman on the set of The Joan Rivers show.

Joan Rivers, melissa rivers, young

Joan and Melissa Rivers, at the beginning 🙂

Joan Rivers, Kelly Osbourne, Melissa Rivers, red carpet, fashion police, boob grab

Joan and Melissa Rivers with Kelly Osbourne walking the “red carpet” and making us all laugh.  As Melissa said of her mother “Her greatest joy in life was to make people laugh”, and that she did. Your unique voice and take no prisoners style of attacking all that you did in life will be missed Joan – Thank you for having the balls to be yourself, we love you for it.

We would love to hear about your favorite products and practices for keeping your skin beautiful in the *comments below*, and if you have a favorite Joan moment be sure to share that as well!

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One Response to September: Fashion Month Beauty Hacks with Hum Nutrition, Eliminate Fine Lines and Wrinkles a Joan Rivers Tribute!

  1. S.A. Livingston September 4, 2014 at 6:29 pm #

    This is a great post on Joan Rivers (as well as good skincare advice!). We will miss her so much. I think the photo of her, Elton John, Cher and Pee Wee Herman is a hoot! R.I.P. Ms. Rivers.

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