Weddings: The Emerald Scarab Way

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Many consider their wedding day to be one of the most important days in their lives. Understandably, they want this day to unfold exactly as they imagined it, a day of celebration where family and friends come together. But behind a beautiful wedding are months of intricate planning: shopping, taste-testing, fittings, phone calls, and tours. The amount of work that goes into a wedding is significant. Often wedding planners can help you snag an overbooked venue, but The Emerald Scarab offers several additional essential skills.

1. Family first

Planning the “big day” can become overwhelming and time consuming, and it’s easy to forget to create time for those closest to you.  The mothers of the bride and groom not only love lending a helping hand, but also want to feel special as it’s a big moment in any mother’s life to to stand by her child’s side as they join with the love of their life.  Here at The Emerald Scarab we offer a service that creates a unique time to appreciate the mothers of both the bride and groom.  We curate a relaxing, fun day of shopping and bonding that is all about the mothers and will result in fully styled outfits for each of them to wear to your wedding!  Not to mention that it’s time for the mothers to bond with one another while being pampered, remembered, and loved.

2. Navigating bridesmaids

It can be difficult to dress your closest friends and relatives.  Between differing tastes and figures, fittings can be stressful. The Emerald Scarab can act as your mediator and fashion expert!  We will select stores that have the perfect dresses for your bridal party, so that everyone looks and feels their best on your big day.  Once your bridal party is perfectly styled we’ll find just the right gift for you to give them, one that shows your appreciation for their participation in your special day!

3. And what about the boys?

While formalwear for men is definitely easier to manage, Emerald Scarab can find unique touches that will elevate the bridal party’s look. Our expertise can help the groom choose something tasteful, classic, and appropriate for his personality without all the stress and uncertainty of shopping alone!


4. The perfect guest

If you’re an attendee, you want to put your best foot forward to show support for your beloved friends or family on their special day. This not only includes looking the part, but bringing just the right gift to send the newlyweds off into a life of bliss! The Emerald Scarab has the expertise to dress and de-stress you. We will find a perfectly suited, unique gift that will communicate love and good wishes to the bride and groom, and keep you looking great with minimal effort on your part!

So if you are attending or planning a Fall or Winter wedding, give us a call!  We will take the stress off your hands by providing gifts and attire for all involved. From custom-made to off the rack, we will make sure you look exactly how you envisioned on this beautiful day – even if you are just a guest!

Like what you read? Share it with your friends or comment below! We’d love to hear from future brides or wedding attendees – what would help you the most in planning to have or attend a wedding?

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